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18 Hilarious Vet Signs That Will Have You Laughing Which one is your favorite?


Most dogs don’t like going to the vet and most owners feel the same.  Although we love veterinarians and how they are always there for us when our pets are hurt or sick, it’s not usually a fun time.

Hats off to these vet clinics that have done a good job of lightening the mood, at least for us nervous pet owners, unless your pet can read then maybe they are laughing too!

1. Better not do this for Halloween!

2. That must be something to see!

3. Of course not, lol.

4. Run, kitty, run.

5. Who doesn’t?

6. This explains it

7. Seriously

8. No joke!

9. Who wouldn’t?

10. Oldie but goodie

11. Then look around for dinner.

12. They have a point.

13. Darn the luck!

14. So true.

15. They have a point!

16. You have to be faster than the dog.

17. Even Devo laughed at this one.

18. We’ll end with good advice.

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